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Dear Struggling Marketer,
  •   Do you ever feel like everyone has a big advantage that you don’t have?
  •   Are you working countless hours trying to finally “crack the code” to making money online?
  •   Do you think you need a BIG list to make thousands of dollars per month?
  •   Do you find yourself buying courses that promise to have the answer, but you keep finding yourself spending more on training and software than you’re actually making in your online business?
You’re Not Alone… I’ve Been Right Where You Are And It’s No Fun…
I remember when I was getting started online, I looked at all the gurus and figured it would take a ton of time to get to that level…

A lot of the biggest and best marketers out there are able to draft a simple email that takes just a few minutes, click the send button, and rake in hundreds of dollars…

...day after day.

Most of the marketers that are crushing it online have lists of 10,000, 20,000, or even 100,000 or more subscribers…

Of course, getting to that level takes a ton of time…

A ton of money…

And it’s hard for most newbies to go from ZERO to thousands of subscribers all that quickly.

It could take YEARS for some people to build an email list that big.

But what if I told you that thinking was ALL WRONG?

What if you could make THOUSANDS of dollars per month without a massive list?
It’s True, You Don’t Need A Big List To Make $1,058+ Per Week
(Real Proof Below)

Hi there…

Brendan Mace here with Shahin Dehestani and Dalton Scott.
Not too long ago if you would have asked me what my biggest asset was, I would tell you that it’s my massive following on YouTube

Right now, I currently have over 41,000 subscribers on YouTube and a pretty nice sized email list. 

I always thought that the bigger my following was and the more subscribers I had, the more money I could make… 
That all changed when I met a guy named Shahin Dehestani
It all started when he promoted one of my products… 

I noticed he was making a TON of sales, and I had NEVER heard of the guy before. 

It intrigued me because Shahin came out of nowhere, so I reached out to him to find out how he was doing it… 

What Shahin showed me changed everything… 
He Was Quietly Making
$200+ Per Day
With A Tiny List Of Less Than 200 People...
“This just couldn’t be,” I thought to myself…

I showed Dalton what he showed me, and he thought he was full of it…

Of course, if Shahin was actually getting results like this, it could change everything… 

Being able to crank out MASSIVE sales with a tiny list would level the playing field and make it easy for ANY newbie out there to finally make big money online…

...without spending months or years building a list. 

An email list the size of Shahin’s could be built in just a couple of days… 
Shahin Agreed To Participate In
A Real-World Case Study
And The Rest Is History…
Here Are The Results…
With Just A Few Hours Of Simple Work And
Only 134 Subscribers!

Not only was Shahin’s method for making money online BRAND NEW and 100% REAL...

...it changes EVERYTHING.

We convinced Shahin to release his step-by-step case study to the public and we included some additional video training that shows you how to build your first TINY list (just in case you don’t have a list at all yet)...

Unlike other methods out there that teach “good ideas” or theory, everything inside our brand new training course is PROVEN and REAL…

If you’re tired of being in the dark and trying to make money using old, worn out method…

This will help you wake up and see how anyone can crush it with this NEW method for making thousands with a TINY list...
The new way of doing affiliate marketing that makes $214 per hour without having a giant email list.
Inside The Awakening You Get…
Step-By-Step Video Training
Inside the step-by-step video training, you’ll discover how to start making big money as an affiliate with a TINY email list. 

And if you don’t already have an email list, no problem… We’ll teach you a simple method to get started from scratch and start making thousands of dollars per week extremely quickly. 
ZERO To $3,142 With A Tiny List Of 134 People
This case study shows you step-by-step exactly how Shahin was able to make $3,142 in 20 days with a tiny list of just 134 people.

You get to see every detail from start to finish. 

Although the money came over 20 days, it only took a few short hours of Shahin’s time to pocket this money. If you’re ready for an awakening in your business, this case study will change everything you thought you knew about making money online. 
Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The Awakening…
  •   Why you don’t need a big list to make money online, and how to get going today even if you’re a total newbie
  •   An overview of how Shahin is making thousands of dollars with a tiny list of less than 200 people… and how you can do the same
  •   How to get started right now even if you don’t have a list of your own… We’ll give you a simple method for getting started for FREE and making money right away
  •   How to use the method inside The Awakening to start making money right away
  •   Why everything you’ve been told about list building and affiliate marketing is wrong, and how ANYONE can create a life-changing income in just a few short weeks
  •   The simple steps to take the method inside The Awakening and scale up to a job-destroying online income in your spare time
  •   Why working harder is NOT the answer… discover how Shahin makes thousands per month working just a few short hours per week (and “work” is probably not the right word because this is easy and fun)
  •   Plus, get access to all sorts of new, insider tricks to making money that you have NEVER seen before
This is the ultimate method for newbies and struggling marketers…

And it doesn’t just work for us... 
Look At These REAL People Getting Real Results With The Awakening…
Jonas Lindgren
I took action on Shahins method immediately after I went through the course, I followed his instructions and within the first 18 hours I got 21 leads (took 23 minutes from start to finish).

I was like "god damn" when I woke up and legit saw 21 optins in around 18 hours .
Results: 21 leads in 18 hours
Time invested: 23 minutes
Paul Braell
Shahin did an awesome job with this. He's clear and easy to understand, and the method he teaches simply works.
I learned a lot from the course, even at my experience level.
It’s Your Turn To Get The Awakening

We are all about sharing brand new methods that actually work, and this is different.

This training and case study changes EVERYTHING, so we priced this super low so ANYONE can afford to get this now.

Although we plan to charge $197 (or more) for access to The Awakening after our introductory launch, you can get instant access right now for the low, one-time investment of just...

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Why You Need To Get This RIGHT NOW…
  •   The Awakening is different than anything else you’ve seen before
  •   Inside, you’ll get a REAL LIFE Case Study that reveals how Shahin made $3,142 in his pocket with a tiny list of just 134 people… 
  •   We’re including a special video training course that teaches you how to get started from scratch and get results just like Shahin... Even if you don’t have a list right now
  •   The price is going up with every sale… if you wait, you’ll end up paying more for access to The Awakening
  •   There’s no risk and no reason to wait!
Get The Awakening Today And We’ll Give You These Bonuses For FREE…
Extra Case Study:
Passive $1.5k/mo Income Stream with Free Traffic
This is another awesome way to supplement the awakening method.
It's an easy passive income stream that can make you $1-3K per month without working more than 4 hours per week.
VALUE: $67
Lucrative List Secrets
You're going to learn the secrets that the gurus would never tell you about list building.
This is why they can get a big number of sales with their lists while you're struggling to break even on your ad spend if you're trying out paid traffic. Which you don't need to when you get The Awakening.
VALUE: $47
Money Talks
With the awakening, you'll be making so much money you won't know how to spend it.
This is the information you need to know about money so it can generate you even more money. Countless are the people who make six figures and even millions online and spend them all in a matter of a few months. You don't want to be like that. This training will show you how to use your money properly to make even more, passively :)
You Have No Risk
With Our 30 Day
Money-Back Guarantee...
We don’t want anything to hold you back from getting this step-by-step training and case study today. We know that once you’ll get this, EVERYTHING will change for you and you truly will have your awakening.

To make it really easy to get this NOW, we’re giving you a full 30 days to go through The Awakening and make sure this is for you.

If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, just let us know, and we’ll get you a refund of your investment today.

We’re willing to take on ALL of the risk because we know this training and the case study will change your life and make you a lot of money.

The only way you can lose is by not getting your hands on this right now.
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Would An Extra $3,142 In The Next Few Weeks Change Your Life?
Seriously, think about it. If you put an extra $3,142 in the next 2-3 weeks with just a few hours of your time required, would that help you out?

$3,142 is a nice chunk of change, and you can do a lot with money like this… 
  •   Pay down some past due bills
  •   Save some money for a rainy day
  •   Pay your mortgage or rent payment
  •   Put a down payment down on a new car
  •   Go on an awesome vacation that you’ve always dreamed
When you get the Awakening, you’ll be able to follow along with the case study that reveals how Shahin made $3,142 with a tiny list of only 134 people and get the same results for yourself…

And with our “Starting From Zero” training, even if you have no list right now, you can still follow along and get the same results...

But it doesn’t stop at making $3,142 ...
$3,142 Is Just The Beginning…
When you follow the real life case study and training inside, you’ll be able to finally get the results you want online and make thousands of dollars per month right away.

You don’t need a big list…

You don’t need any prior experience…

All you need is the powerful case study and step-by-step training, and you’ve everything you need to change your life and stop struggling online.

You have NEVER seen anything like this before. 
It’s Time For YOUR Awakening…

We’ll see you inside the training!
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Awakening?
The Awakening is a real world case study and video training course that shows you why pretty everything you’ve been told about making money online is WRONG.

You don’t need a big list or experience to crush it online when you use this BRAND NEW method for online success.

Inside The Awakening, you’ll discover how Shahin made $3,142 with a tiny list of just 134 people, and how you can do the same.

And if you don’t have a list at all right now, that’s ok. You’ll also discover how to build a tiny list from scratch that you can use to start crushing it online, just like Shahin did. 
Is this method newbie friendly?
It sure is. No prior experience or “technical” skills are required to get results with The Awakening. All you need is this powerful training and case study, and you’ll have everything you need to start making money as soon as today.
Is this really a new method?
Yes. You have never seen anything quite like this before. What you’ll discover inside The Awakening pretty much goes against the grain of everything you’ve seen before in the world of making money online.
What if I don’t already have a list?
No problem. We’ve included training inside that will show you how to start building your very first tiny list capable of stuffing thousands of dollars per month into your pockets.
How is the training delivered?
You get access to…

Step-By-Step Video Training and a powerful ZERO To $3,142 Case Study that leaves no stones unturned. All you have to do is follow along and profit! 
Is it really possible to make $3,142 with just a few hours of work?
It sure is.

Unlike other methods that focus on “good ideas” or methods that might work, The Awakening includes a REAL WORLD case study that shows you every nook and cranny of this brand new method.

All you need to do is follow along and you can get the same results for yourself. 
How quickly can I use this method to start making money?
Fast. It’s very possible to start making money from Day #1 when you get your hands on The Awakening.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Of course. We aren’t satisfied unless you’re happy. That’s why you get a full 30 days to make sure The Awakening is for you. If for any reason you’re not totally satisfied with what’s inside, just let us know, and we’ll get you a full refund.
How do I get started right now?
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